An Introduction to Institutional Projects at Academia Sinica

@@The five-year plan of the Academic Sinica Digital Archives Project consists of the following goals: to digitize and make available on the Internet important original collections; to share academic resources; to improve research quality; to preserve cultural treasures in Taiwan; to incorporate information technology into the humanities, and to facilitate the development of the information industry and the knowledge economy.

@@This project coordinates and manages nine sub-projects listed as follows: fish, shells, plants; aboriginal artifacts of Taiwan; ancient books, historical maps and contracts of Taiwan; historical maps and remote sensing imagery of modern China; diplomatic and economic records; Chinese historical artifacts (such as Chinese and Taiwanese archeological materials, engraved stones, stone and bronze rubbings, bamboo scripts, rare books, ethnological findings in southwest China, and the Lexicon of Ming-Qing Archives), mandarin Chinese and Formosa language archives; and materials related to digital archiving technology.

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