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Technology Development for Digital Archives

Project Leader¡GHong-Yuan Liao

Executing organization: Research Center for Information Technology Innovation , Computing Center

Archives Description¡G

The major function of the division is to provide technical support and services for archive projects at Academia Sinica, in collaboration with the ¡§Research and Development of Digital Archives and e-Learning Technologies Project¡¨ that is supported by ¡§Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program¡¨ to develop pioneering research and applications. The services include metadata integration and services, digital archive database support, multimedia processing, exploring techniques for resolving problems with the unencoded Chinese character service and the development of an integrated geospatio-temporal application infrastructure. The everlasting management of this project is based on establishing a long-term technical development to integrate the upper and lower swim, and to achieve a ¡§self-sufficient¡¨ management style. After completing the project, we hope to maintain the promotion of commercial and educational applications, and disseminate related research results among academic circles.

Accomplished Archives¡G

Metadata Lifecycle Model, MLM
With a growing demand for metadata planning and implementation, Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT) developed the Metadata Lifecycle Model (MLM) by adopting the system analysis of computing science and the content analysis of social science, in order to serve the actual needs of each thematic project. The MLM is made up of four stages: Requirement Assessment and Content Analysis, Specification of Metadata Functional Requirement , System Prototype and Design, and Service and Evaluation, which include 10 steps in total. It aims to accelerate the metadata application and system development of each thematic project in a systematic way, and to achieve the multi-goals of guaranteed quality metadata content analysis, consistency of quality, and project management. So far, it has been used to support 33 thematic projects in Academia Sinica.

DADT(Digital Archive Database Tool)
DADT is a framework for developing a wide range of database applications, including authorizing and retrieval systems of metadata, administrative management systems, information retrieval system, etc. In the domain of small to middle scale database applications, DADT has shown these features: convenient to install, easy to learn, fast to develop, efficient to run, safe to access and inexpensive to maintain. DADT can handle tens of tables simultaneously, so it fits the complex structures of metadata and various requirements to utilize them. In TELDAP, more then ten metadata application systems have been made with DADT.

MultiMedia Center,MMC
Digital Image Archiving Technology is an image file management system that supports the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP). Its major functions are 1) to preserve valuable antiques and relevant information in text, image and video formats; and 2) to integrate with archiving systems to establish related applications. The system is unique in that users can upload images of any size through the Web-FTP interface. Moreover, images can be viewed, rotated, and zoomed in or out without losing their original definition. Watermarks and the size of transformations are configurable to enhance the DRM function of watermarking and the efficiency of image searching. File management and system rights management functions are also provided so that users can arrange image files as they wish and operate the system with ease. The system was established with professional technologies, centralized and efficient hardware and a large amount of multimedia data. Hence, it provides the most efficient mechanism for data management as well as multi-oriented processing services for multimedia content. Our long-term goal is to maintain the stability of the system and to provide users with all essential functions


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